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The New Vi-Spring Collection features 10 extraordinary mattresses with a Lifetime Warranty. These mattresses are handcrafted to command the presence of any room.  

At the turn of the 20th century, an English engineer called James Marshall offered his wife the most precious gift of all - a perfect night's sleep. His mattress's pioneering use of individually pocketed steel springs ushered in unparalleled levels of comfort, making Vispring a byword for luxury.

A bespoke bed by Vispring is a guarantee of supreme luxury and untroubled sleep. For over a century, we have been refining the subtle art of matching the ideal combination of spring size, tension and resilience with the finest materials nature has to offer.

VISPRING Luxury Beds

For over 100 years Vi Spring has constantly striven to improve the quality, comfort, and durability of its luxury mattresses. If you look at the list of components that go into a Vi Spring mattress, you can see it’s a quality product. Shetland wool, raw silk, cashmere, horsetail, coir and bamboo are specially selected for their comfort, toughness, warmth, springiness and overall luxury. These natural materials are all lovingly put together to give each mattress a superb, luxurious finish.

  • Vispring's Vanadium Honeycomb-nested pocketed springs.
  • Wool, Bamboo, Cotton, Mohair, Cashmere, Silk and Horse Hair.