Adjustable Bed

As anyone who has spent sleepless nights on rock-hard mattresses or too-soft pillowy mattresses knows, a comfortable bed is a must for a good night’s sleep. And sometimes, it’s not enough to choose a bed of the right size or a mattress of the perfect firmness—sometimes you need an adjustable base that allows you to adapt your bed to your preferences in real time, so you can be comfortable no matter what purpose your bed is serving at any precise moment.

Adjustable beds are a cutting-edge solution for increased comfort in bed—not just for you, but for your sleeping partner as well.

So how do they work?

Adjustable bases allow you to raise the top and bottom of the bed (where you lay your head and your feet) up to between 40 and 70 degrees, so you can sit up in bed and have your feet propped up as well. As you can imagine, there are a lot of advantages to having this kind of flexibility with your bed. Let’s go over what a few of the main benefits of adjustable beds are.

1. They increase your comfort and help you fall asleep more easily

There are some nights when getting comfortable seems like an impossible task. With an adjustable base, you can lift the top of the mattress slightly (especially helpful if you’re sick or congested), and get as comfortable as possible, ensuring you’ll fall asleep fast and stay asleep.

2. You can sit up to read or watch TV

Watching TV or reading a book in bed is a great way to relax before turning out the lights, but getting comfortable can be a challenge. Propping yourself up with pillows never seems to do the trick, and trying to hold a book upright while you’re lying down is practically impossible. Adjustable beds provide a the support you need while you enjoy some unwinding in the evening hours.

3. Their tailored shape has therapeutic qualities

Many adjustable beds make use of memory foam and latex mattresses, which conform to the shape of your body and provide an even more personalized sleeping experience. Users of adjustable beds swear by their many health benefits, including lessened back pain and arthritis, better circulation, and reduced snoring and sleep apnea.

4. Dual adjust makes sharing a bed with a partner way more enjoyable

There may be times when you want to stay up reading while your partner lies down for sleep. With an adjustable base that has two separate panels for dual adjust, you can adjust the bed for sitting up on your side while your partner’s side is flat. Stay up as late you want without being disruptive.  

5. They work with a wide range of mattress types

Adjustable beds are a great option whether you prefer memory foam, latex, innerspring, or airbed mattresses. Though the first two are the most common, some prefer innerspring and airbed mattresses for their firmness and rigidity.

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