Every decade or so, there’s a product innovation that makes people question the current marketing, sale, packing, and distribution of said product. First, the cell phone; then, more recently, hailing a ride. Now the forces of ingenuity rest squarely in a key area: where we sleep. Even if a new mattress is the furthest thing from your mind, you’ve likely noticed a new wave of advertisements for online mattress retailers that deliver their boxed beds directly to their customers.

Many of these companies have also been recognized by major publications and retail giants. Some have even taken home prestigious awards for industry innovation. So why exactly have so many people started to reconsider their sleeping surface, particularly those of younger generations?

Online Access is Only Part of the Reason

It can be tempting for a Mom and Pop mattress outlet with a small online presence to chalk up the success of boxed bed providers as “kids preferring to shop online,” but that is only half of the reasoning. Many traditional mattress dealers have adapted to the industry’s growing online component. You can get a bed in a box online from most places, but some companies dedicate more resources to their apps and online marketplace tools to better streamline the service.

The new wave of online mattress dealers excels at simplifying every stage of their transactions. There are less screens to navigate when placing orders, no hidden deliver fees, and in some cases, intuitive financing apps that help customers easily track their payment process with just a few taps. So, it’s less about online selling, and more about comprehensive online service integration.

The Freedom to Be Noncommittal

This isn’t going to turn into a soapbox monologue about the stick-to-itiveness of young people, but it is important to acknowledge the areas of uncertainty that come with buying a new mattress. The most popular bed-in-a-box retailers often allow customers an ample trial period, something that usually, though not always, resembles to a 100-night guarantee.

That’s not because these companies think a younger person decided to order a new mattress ironically to get a laugh out of their friends. Since the transaction doesn’t happen in a showroom, there’s uncertainty about whether the construction or dimensions of their mattress will be ideal. Instead of viewing that as a negative sale impact, the new online mattress retailers have embraced it by giving their customers the proper leeway to make the right decision for them. Not only does this remove the element of a high-pressure sale; it also reinforces each company’s image as a customer-first operation.

Less is More

If you’re a mattress salesman or the owner of a furniture store, a bed’s exact technical specs inform how you promote each product—and to what degree. If you’re Joe or Jane Everybody simply looking for a better place to sleep, it can be frustrating to sift through a wide range of mattress offerings. Some feature a Tempur-Pedic surface, others are made with gel memory foam; then of course, there are traditional spring mattress, which may be the most cost-effective option. It’s hard to know which materials will give you the best sleep. It’s even harder to green light spending hundreds on a mattress you don’t entirely know is right for you.

Bed-in-a-box retailers minimalize the staggering amount of choices by offering new mattresses and foundations that are manufactured one way. They also simplify their product designs too—further reducing the dread of unfurling a boxed California King or putting together a mattress foundation. Instead of heaping on the product details, they focus on what matters most to customers: a cool, breathable top layer, resilient foam foundation, and a non-shifting surface that doesn’t displace pressure and weight unevenly.

The Reason Why Bed-in-a-Box is Here to Stay

Despite all the positive aspects of bed-in-a-box retailers, what’s the definitive wow moment for their customers—the one aspect they decide to share on YouTube?

The unboxing.

But why? Should they opt for a video testimonial about their first night sleeping on their new mattress? The reason why so many enjoy the unboxing is because it’s a metaphor for what makes this new industry so attractive. Many may have thought that shipping boxed mattresses cheats the customer out of making an informed choice, but it actually proves that quality innovation and convenience still go hand-in-hand. Like all great ideas, it makes you question why we ever settled for anything less. Many young people now realize they live in a world where even a king-sized mattress is as on-demand as their latest Netflix watch—and they certainly don’t plan on going back.

At Comfort Gallery Mattress, we offer many bed-in-a-box options, as well as more traditional mattresses if you still prefer to shop in-store. Give us a call today or visit our Orange County showroom to take the first step towards a better night’s sleep.