What’s up with the bed in a box? You’ve probably heard of this relatively new way of buying a mattress by now, but the idea isn’t really that new. It’s been around for a few years but, as with any new product or way of doing things, it can take a while to trickle down from the early adopters to the general population. The premise was built on the idea that consumers wanted an easier way to buy a new mattress—a more streamlined process that cut out the need to visit a store and try 35+ mattresses while a pushy salesman sang the praises of the most expensive model that felt suspiciously similar to the middle-of-the-road choices.  

The original purveyors of the bed in a box only had one model, but it sold like wildfire. With $100 million in sales in just two years, the pendulum had officially swung in the mattress business, and there would be no returning. Of course, you can still go in to a mattress store and run your fingers over the dozens of options on display, but more and more people are turning to the simpler way of buying a new mattress, and it’s made an impact throughout the world of sleep.

Even the big guys had to give in and create their own versions of these mattresses in order to keep their customers from walking the memory and latex foam path away from them and to the new guys.

It wasn’t just the product itself that set the industry on its ear. The mattress also came with consumer-friendly service including a free 100-day trial period (more common now, but unheard of then). Plus, they didn’t charge a return fee to those who decided not to keep it. This flew right in the face of the rest of the mattress industry that typically charged a restocking fee of a few hundred dollars, and that’s if they’d even take a return at all.

Other benefits spurred on the success of the bed in a box, such as the fact that the mattresses fit in a relatively small box, so they are inexpensive to ship and easy to move in to your home or apartment—even if you live in a New York City walkup.

It also doesn’t hurt that they are comfortable, excellent quality mattresses! The combination of a great mattress, a reasonable price, and generous trial and return policies gave those who wanted a new way to buy a spot from which to count sheep an attractive alternative, and it’s here to stay!

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