Quality sleep is one of the most essential aspects of life, and millions of people struggle with insomnia on a daily basis. If you find yourself exhausted and unfocused throughout the day due to a lack of sleep, it’s time to take the first step towards getting your sleep routine back on track.

At Comfort Gallery Mattress, we believe in the power of a restful night’s sleep. To help you kick the stress of dealing with insomnia, we’ve put together the following list of five ways you can set yourself up for a restful, rejuvenating night of sleep:

1)  Disconnect from TechnologyScreen time can wreak havoc on your sleep, and disconnecting from the phone, TV, or other devices at least a half hour before bedtime can help prepare your brain for relaxation. It’s also important to keep screens out of your bedroom! The light from TVs and phones can prevent you from getting the quality of sleep that you need.  

2)  Upgrade Your MattressIt’s nearly impossible to get a restful night’s sleep when you are uncomfortable, and an old, lumpy mattress can be the source of your insomnia. If your mattress has seen better days, consider upgrading to a high-quality option, such as Bed in a Box. Featuring memory foam and CoolRelease technology, this innovative new mattress guarantees a comfortable night of sleep.

3)  Practice Relaxation TechniquesOur day-to-day lives are often hectic and stressful, and that tension can be difficult to get away from when it’s time for bed. Relaxation techniques have been proven to improve sleep quality and help with insomnia for many people that are overworked and over-stressed. Try basic deep breathing techniques or listen to calming music or guided meditations before heading to bed for the night.  

4)  Establish a RoutineOur bodies thrive on routine, and the brain has a natural sleep/wake cycle that can be affected by outside sources—making sleep an elusive experience. To get back into your natural sleep rhythm, try and establish a clear bedtime routine. It is also helpful to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day to retrain your mind in knowing when it’s time to turn off and rest.  

5)  Change Your Diet

Diet affects every aspect of our lives, including our sleep! Avoid caffeine late in the day to help prevent insomnia, and change up your dinner habits to get higher-quality sleep. It’s best to eat a smaller, lighter meal in the evening, but try to keep your mealtime early enough that you have time to digest before settling into bed.

There are few things in life more revitalizing than a great night of sleep, and Comfort Gallery Mattress wants to help you get the best sleep of your life! With quality products and affordable prices, we have the new mattress you need to kick your insomniac habits and start feeling your best every morning. To learn more about what we offer, just give us a call or submit our online form today!