The box mattress, made famous by brands like Casper Mattress, is one of the most popular mattress styles. Featuring traditional innersprings and a thin, flexible foundation, this widely available model is one you’ve likely had experience with already.

Though these mattresses have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, the wide range of new models and styles available beg to differ. These bed in a box mattresses offer the ultimate in convenience and functionality, making it an easy fix and sometimes even a long-term quality mattress.

Major Pros and Cons:

As moving becomes increasingly common among millennials, the mattress in a box offers a convenient solution for anyone seeking a quick fix. This affordable mattress’s air-tight and compact packaging makes it easy to transport or ship, making it a great transitional or student bed.

These aren’t always known for their quality, but many new models have features comparable to standard spring mattresses, or better. New boxed models even featuring compressed memory foam and gel options, giving buyers the best of both worlds. Special cases aside, they typically don’t provide the level of support and comfort that sturdier models provide, which may result in poor sleep and back aches in the long term.


The cost of this mattress type is one of the major benefits of this mattress type. The most affordable models of its kind tend to be among the most inexpensive mattress styles available. Because of its popularity and wide-ranging quality, these mattresses can come at shockingly cheap (or surprisingly steep) price tags. For the most part, though, bed in box models are designed for convenience and economy.

Mattress Lifespan:

Bed in a box mattresses tend to have a shorter lifespan than traditional box spring mattress models, especially since they’re normally composed of flexible, thin springs. Always do your research and be wary of low-quality materials.

Sleep Benefits:

Since box mattresses have a wide range of quality, it’s difficult to tell whether a box spring mattress will be ideal for your sleep. Generally, memory foam and dense pillow-top options are a more comfortable choice, and box styles do occasionally come with these features.

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