Orange County Mattress Store

Finding the right mattresses in Orange County is easiest with Comfort Gallery Mattress. With numerous products available for every budget, it’s simple to find the perfect mattress for you. Additionally, Comfort Gallery Mattress offers various items catered to your specific sleeping position.

With a highly knowledgeable staff and numerous mattresses to test, a visit to our Orange County mattress store ensures that you’ll leave with the right mattress that will vastly improve your sleep quality.

Which mattress type is right for you?

Back Sleeper Recommendation

Back sleepers typically require medium-firm comfort for ideal sleep. At Comfort Gallery Mattress, we offer numerous options that provide the incredible support and comfort while still remaining firm.

Side Sleeper Recommendation

Side sleepers are guaranteed the best amount of sleep with plush, memory foam mattresses. Designed to cushion each section of your body with the appropriate amount of support and comfort, memory foam mattresses are the ideal solution for side sleepers looking for a better night’s sleep.

Stomach Sleeper Recommendation

Just like side sleepers, stomach sleepers get the best rest on memory foam mattresses. With both firm and plush options available in store and online, Comfort Gallery is sure to have the perfect solution for you!

With Comfort Gallery Mattress, Orange County mattresses are easy to find than ever. When it’s time to find the right mattress for your unique sleeping position, visit Comfort Gallery Mattress. Stop by our store in San Juan Capistrano or shop online to find your ideal bed today!