: January 2016

Alleviate Your Back Pain for Better Sleep

If you're waking up to intense back pain and aches that follow you throughout the day, it's time for a change. Comfort Gallery Mattress is proud to offer the Tempur-Pedic Contour Collection to give you the best nights of rest you may ever have. These luxury mattresses are specifically designed to of...

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Starting 2016 With a Bang! New Year's Clearance!

Start the new year fresh with your first good night's sleep! If your current mattress is lumpy, uneven, or giving you back or shoulder pain, it may be time for a replacement or an upgrade. Now is the perfect time to get a new mattress with the Comfort Gallery Mattress sale! At our high quality mattr...

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Naturally Improve Your Sleep with an Organicpedic Certified Organic Mattress

Are you an environmentally-conscious San Juan Capistrano resident who is looking for a mattress comprised with green materials? Stop into Comfort Gallery today and check out our selection of Organicpedic Certified Organic mattresses. Built with clean fabrics through the least harmful processes, thes...

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