: October 2014

Why Your Mattress Is More Important Than You Think

There is nothing like a good night sleep.  We wake up refreshed and ready to start our day. What people don’t realize is that SLEEP helps you look younger, feel healthier and lets you enjoy life that much better.  We all have pressure and anxiety in our lives and a good night sleep reduc...

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Adjustable Bases Are They For You?

A djustable Bases were quite expensive a few years ago but now you can find them in all price ranges.  If you watch television in your bedroom, you can adjust the mattress for a comfortable position to watch your favorite programs.  Also using a laptop or reading you will no longer have to...

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5 Ways Your New Mattress Can Make Your Life Better

People typically look at a mattress and see just that: a mattress; something to get horizontal on at the end of the day. It’s just another surface; another place to park and relax before the routine starts all over again. It’s true. Your mattress really is just another surface. What most people do...

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