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Naturally Improve Your Sleep with an Organicpedic Certified Organic Mattress

Are you an environmentally-conscious San Juan Capistrano resident who is looking for a mattress comprised with green materials? Stop into Comfort Gallery today and check out our selection of Organicpedic Certified Organic mattresses. Built with clean fabrics through the least harmful processes, thes...

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Posh+Lavish Joins the Comfort Gallery Family!

Since 2005, Comfort Gallery has been helping people throughout San Juan Capistrano and the surrounding areas get their best night’s sleep, every night! Our happy customers have come to depend on our team to provide them with an unbeatable selection of top-tier brands to choose from at everyday low p...

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Free Mattress Financing for Up to 48 Months!

At Comfort Gallery Mattress, we want you to be able to enjoy your new mattress right away, without having to save up your rainy day funds over a long period of time. That’s why we offer up to 48 months of free financing on your new mattress ! Purchases made with your Comfort Gallery Mattress credit...

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Sleep in Organic Comfort with Comfort Gallery’s New Product Line

Green living is sweeping the nation. People are choosing to fill their homes with sustainably harvested and manufactured products. While organic foods have been growing in popularity over the past two decades, there have been slow strides made to produce other organic materials. More recently, c...

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