: Beautyrest Mattresses

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Get a Beautyrest at Your Orange County Mattress Store

Everyone has heard the phrase, “I need my beauty sleep.” Some mornings, you don’t feel like you got any sleep much less beauty sleep. You feel more ragged after your fitful night than you did when you went to bed. You need to invest in a new mattress. Your wonderful night’s sleep is brought to y...

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There’s a Simmons Mattress for Everyone

At Comfort Gallery Mattress, we sell to individuals and families with diverse needs and specifications when it comes to their mattresses. As a Simmons Beautyrest Black retailer, however, accommodating each and every customer that walks through our doors has never been easier. Of course, all of our...

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Find Your Ideal Temperature on a Beautyrest Black

As warm-blooded animals, our temperatures need to be maintained. To do so, we use coats, long underwear, comforters and – get ready for this – mattresses . That’s right, a mattress can actually help you stay at a comfortable temperature all night long, which can help eliminate tossing, turning, leg...

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