Bed in a Box

Many Americans aren’t getting enough sleep - in fact, a CDC study reports that one in three Americans aren’t sleeping as much as they should be each night. While busy schedules and multiple responsibilities do play a part, many of us are missing out on quality sleep due to uncomfortable mattresses. Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep, and Comfort Gallery Mattress wants to ensure that finding a mattress to perfectly suit your needs is a stress-free process. When you need honest and unbiased professional guidance to find the best mattress for you, turn to the experts at family-owned and operated Comfort Gallery Mattress!


One of the most frustrating aspects of mattress shopping is trying to decide whether or not a particular mattress will work for you by spending a few seconds trying it out on a showroom floor. Why waste time on a showroom floor when you could browse and order online, then have one shipped directly to you. Bed in a box systems allow you to completely take the guesswork out of finding a comfortable mattress with Comfort Gallery Mattress’ bed in a box system. Our high quality mattress in a box systems feature:

  • Rally Performance Fabric
  • Cool Bounce Copper Gel
  • Responsive Gel Memory Foam
  • Buoyant Transition Layer
  • Orthopedic Support Layer

Stress-Free Ordering and Delivery

At Comfort Gallery Mattress, we believe that buying a bed shouldn’t cause anxiety, so we offer completely stress-free ordering and delivery for our mattress in a box systems. Not only is ordering easy, our shipping and return systems are also super simple, so you don’t have to jump through hoops to receive your mattress, and you can easily return it if you aren’t satisfied.You never have to worry about dealing with a cumbersome box; our surprisingly compact shipping boxes allow you to maneuver your system through narrow hallways or up and down stairs without any hassle.

Revolutionizing Mattress Industry

When you order a bed in a box from Comfort Gallery Mattress, you have ample time to sleep on and try out your mattress, allowing you to truly determine whether or not it meets your needs and preferences. A new mattress takes time to get used to, so we recommend spending at least 30 nights sleeping on your mattress, and we give you a full 90 days to make your decision. If you find you aren’t getting adequate sleep or you wake up feeling achy, simply send your mattress back! The mattress in a box system revolutionizes the way you shop for mattresses. With the multiple options available at Comfort Gallery Mattress, you have more control and choice over the product you receive, and you have time to actually experience your mattress rather than being stuck with one that just doesn’t work for you.

For more information on our stress-free bed in a box products, contact us today! Call us to discuss your needs or visit our no-pressure showroom to see our products for yourself.

See How Bed In A Box Compares To The Competition

Mattresses in a box are common place in the digital age. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting before you place an order. Check out how Bed In A Box compares to the competition and make the right purchase for you. Trust us, your back will thank you later.