Tempur-Pedic Mattresses

New 2019 Tempur-Pedic Collection

Continuous innovation for continuous comfort. Expertly engineered with the most advanced pressure-relieving material we've ever created to give you deep relaxing sleep that rejuvenates your whole body. This is the new TEMPUR-ProAdapt™ series—featuring our new TEMPUR-APR™ material.

  • SmartClimate® Dual Cover System
  • TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer
  • TEMPUR-APR™ Support Layer

Tempur Cloud Collection

Who knew soft could be so supportive? In our TEMPUR-Cloud Collection, we’ve combined plush softness with the TEMPUR-Feel our owners love for truly responsive support and custom comfort, designed to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake more refreshed.

  • More responsive to your body for more personalized comfort
  • Fewer pressure points for less tossing and turning
  • More even support for more relaxation
  • Less motion transfer for more undisturbed sleep

Tempur-Breeze Collection

The TEMPUR-Breeze Collection helps to keep you cool and comfortable with a 3-part cooling system that really works. The top cover includes TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling and moisture-wicking fabric, while the comfort layer with more TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling dissipates heat during the night

  • TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling - Cooling comfort for people who sleep hot
  • Premium Fabric Cover - CoolMax® moisture-wicking fabric
  • Antimicrobial treatment - Hinders microorganisms, including dust mites

Tempur Contour Collection

Gain the support you need and the comfort you desire with a specially designed Tempur-Pedic mattress, which helps align your back to prevent debilitating aches and pains. Suede and micro-knit materials as well as a built-in ventilation system and fiberboard base allow for great air flow -- promoting unequaled relaxation each time you lie down. For a truly luxurious experience, try sleeping on our quilted, specially padded silk bed sets. You can also compliment your setup with plush sheets and ergonomic pillows for truly tranquil rest that will have you waking up refreshed and invigorated every morning. The Tempur-Pedic also comes with a warranty.

  • Our TEMPUR® material will adjust to your shape, weight, and temperature
  • No more pressure points
  • Minimizes weight distribution and motion
  • Allows two people to sleep comfortably and undisturbed on the same mattress for more hours of regenerating rest.