The Latex Collection

The Latex Collection
The Latex Collection
  • Oeko-Tex Certified Latex
  • All-Natural Long Fiber Wool
  • Natural Cotton
  • Tencel™-Faced Fabric Covers

The extravagance of a Posh+Lavish mattress is not only dramatic design, but also engineering that embodies your spine’s need for long-lasting support while embracing your muscles need to relax and restore throughout the night.

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Relax Luxury Latex

The Posh+Lavish Relax 9" All Latex Mattress is firm yet still conforming, the unique thing about the Posh+Lavish mattresses is they make you feel like you are floating on a cloud.

Sale Price: $2,499.00
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Restore Luxury Latex

The Posh+Lavish Restore 10" Luxury Latex Mattress is the perfect medium firmness for most back, side or stomach sleeper. This 10" all latex mattress has a vary "Bounce Free" feel, so you and your sleep partner dose Not feel transfer of motion.

Sale Price: $2,899.00
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Release True Pillow Top

The Release True Pillow Top 11" Mattress has the firmness of the Relax mattress with the added 2" Luxury Pillow Top creates one of the best feeling Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattresses in the country with the "Bounce Free" feel.

Sale Price: $3,128.00
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Reveal Luxury Latex

The Posh+ Lavish Reveal 11" Luxury Latex mattress has a medium plush feel. This mattress is the place to start if you like a softer feel, but likes some firm underlining support. We recommend starting on this mattress for side sleepers.

Sale Price: $3,299.00
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Refine Luxury Latex

The Posh+Lavish Refine 12" Luxury Latex Mattress is the softest mattress in the collection. With this mattress you will experience one of the best feeling All Latex mattress in the world. This is the prefect mattress if you are a side sleeper.

Sale Price: $3,499.00
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Reawaken True Pillow Top

The Reawaken True Pillow Top 13" Luxury Latex Mattress is the softest pillow top mattress in the collection. This is a Must See Mattress!! We have over 125 beds on display in our showroom and this is the best feeling mattress in our store.

Sale Price: $3,649.00
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